17.03.2023.: “Tough love – Changing Stories to Change Lives” by Jean-Marie Molina

Our guest speaker is Jean-Marie Molina, whose presentation at the European Mentoring Summit was a great motivator and eye-opener for us.

Jean-Marie is a philosophical educator, general and family educator, author and senior lecturer in study success at a university of applied sciences in Rotterdam, NL, specializing in education. In 2006 she introduced her (educational) method called “Tough Love” to the world. The model based on the principles of applied behavioral sciences, educational psychology and neurocognition is used to improve the sense of competence, learning.

We have always been taught that we are products of our environments. For a large part this is true. However being a product of our environments is. But what if we could change this process? What if we were given tools that enable to interpret and react differently, powerfully, more effectively to our circumstances thereby enabling us to recreate our own environments, our own reality? In this key note we embark upon a journey whereby we will take a novel, yet critical look at the role of an important concept in our experience of the world: our stories.

You can find the presentation slides via the link below,

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