Force of Mentoring Campaign

As we step into the new year, we are thrilled to release a transformative campaign that holds the power to inspire, connect, and uplift European society. This is your exclusive access point to the heart of our upcoming communication campaign, launching on January 17, 2024, the official European Mentoring Day.

"It is not about Mentoring Europe. It is about Mentoring IN Europe."


We invite you to share your mentoring journey, amplify our collective story, and shine a light on the effect of mentoring, how one relationship can affect many lives and create a positive current within society. Your experiences as a mentor or mentee are a valuable piece of the puzzle that makes the Force of Mentoring so impactful.

Editable Templates  have been developed for you to share across social media platforms to empower and showcase unity within the European Mentoring Community.
These templates allow you to amplify our story, share your mentoring experience as a mentor or mentee, and shine a light on the impact of mentoring on European society.

Our Goal

Our goal is to demonstrate the profound impact of mentoring by sharing, together with all of you, heartwarming stories, inspiring testimonials, guidelines, and statistics highlighting the immense value of mentoring in individuals’ lives throughout Europe.

The Campaign consists of:

Templates to edit:

  • For text content
  • For media, or other content


  • Mentoring Benefits for youth
  • Mentoring Impact
  • 4 sections (Coming)


  • For template use
  • For content

Template examples

Guidelines & Advice

To use the provided template, please follow these guidelines regarding the type and relevancy of this topic:

Template form (editing)

  • There are two editing modes for text and media
    • Use text mode for longer paragraphs.
    • You can use one of our images or upload your own in the media mode.
  • Preferably post in English, but you can also use your native language.
  • Several templates can be used in one post; Graphics preferably come first.


To use the provided template, please follow these guidelines regarding the type and relevancy of this topic:

  • Stories and Quotes of Mentors, testimonials.
  • Mentees’ Perspectives.
  • Testimonies of Powerful Relationships
  • Annual Matching Statistics for Your Organization
  • …Similar topics

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