Advocating for Mentoring

To provide it the recognition and support required for higher impacts in all levels of European society

Mentoring Europe advocates for mentoring on a European level

The reason for our advocacy activity is to show Europe that mentoring is a powerful and accessible mechanism that until recently hasn’t gained enough recognition in the EU. We want to show the legislators, both European and national, that mentoring is an amazing social engagement tool for inclusion, decreasing youth unemployment, and integration that should be available to all Europeans. These are all issues that have become even more current in the last few years.

How do we advocate for mentoring

Our specific aim is to make mentoring a social mechanism that is explicitly mentioned in legislation so that local and international mentoring programmes can have a better work environment to fulfil their goals, whether it be through more financing or being recognised as an alternative to traditional education.

We organise our two yearly Meet & Match events to bring together the European Mentoring community and connect mentoring organisations, NGOs, universities, businesses, policy- and decision-makers from all over Europe. 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I see mentoring as a collective approach, to aim for better community. It also takes into account for that individual who could do a lot for a community, but for some reason faces barriers that build resistance, and mentoring can play a crucial role in shaping that individual thought process.
Hamza Nawaz
Student Intern

The Advocacy Committee

The advocacy committee meets regularly to keep each other informed about European policies and take steps for the advocacy for mentoring.