Research Publications

The European Center for Evidence Based Mentoring collaborates with researchers from Europe, who focus their work on mentoring and its impact.  Here you can find the latest research articles and findings to our networks. 

The research articles found in this page were recommended by Prof. Dr. Fabian Kosse, Òscar Prieto-Flores, Eberhard Raithelhuber, Agathe Dirani, Bernardine Brady, Peter de Kuiper, Tina Braun & Judie Gannon.

Bagnoli, L., Estache, A., & Fourati, M.
Tatiana Cif
Armin Falk, Fabian Kosse, Pia Pinger
Judie M. Gannon
Peter De Cuyper, Hanne Vandermeerschen, Damini Purkayastha
Eberhard Raitelhuber
Eberhard Raitelhuber
Charlotte Silke, Bernadine Brady, Pat Dolan
Judie M. Gannon, Rhianon Washington
Eberhard Raitelhuber
Mentoring in Context: A Comparative Study of Youth Mentoring Programs in the United States and Continental Europe Justin M. Preston, Òscar Prieto-Flores, Jean E. Rhodes
Kayleigh Murphy, Bernadine Brady