linking mentoring practitioners
and researchers to share knowledge,
resources and powerful stories within Europe.
We aim at improving mentoring practices in Europe to support the development of the European Civil Society.

Founded in spring 2016, Mentoring Europe is building the European mentoring field for a more inclusive European society

After 8 years, Mentoring Europe maintains a community of 1500+ people. We are researchers, practitioners and friends of Mentoring Europe. To further the field, we have committees of experts in this industry, members and associate partners. Together, we facilitate the exchange of knowledge between organisations, match people to enhance collaborations and organise summits. We are a point of matchmaking between practitioners, coordinators of mentoring programmes and researchers. We are initiators of new opportunities for collaboration and European innovation.

Mentoring Europe´s History

In the spring of 2016, Mentoring Europe (Formerly the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring) was launched in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, in the presence of 150 mentoring professionals from all over Europe. A mainly grass-root initiative of mentoring practitioners and researchers, with the mission of increasing the quality, reach and visibility of the mentoring field in Europe.


Mentoring Europe operates in collaboration with the UMB / MENTOR Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring and the US National Mentoring Partnership. 

Years of Experience
Member Organizations
Community Members
Mentoring Events


We want to increase the quality, reach and visibility of mentoring in Europe.

Mentoring Europe is a network organisation seeking to enhance collaboration in the European mentoring field. This is done through sharing of knowledge and expertise amongst people in this community. We aim to develop and expand the European mentoring field. We want to build meaningful relationships that lead mentors and mentees to the impact they want to make.

We are committed to the advancement of the mentoring field in Europe, bringing together mentoring practitioners, researchers and policy-makers.

We provide a knowledge source and network for mentoring in Europe, so that people can increase their understanding on how and under which conditions mentoring relationships works. Our activities increase the understanding on how mentoring contributes to address various European social and economic challenges. 


People Centered

Mentees, mentors and mentoring professionals are at the core of our attention

Customized Methods

Our methods and processes are tailor-made, according to our culture, region, people, challenges, goals and strategic partnerships

On-going Development

We strive at a continuous improvement of our programmes and of our mentoring relationships

Combining Research and Practice

We seek evidence and the connection between research and practice in a learning relationship

Multi-layered Reach

Our goals in to create more impact on different levels: people, organisations, cities and regions