About The European Mentoring Summit

The European Mentoring Summit is a biennial event that aims to connect people and projects from Europe and abroad who work in the mentoring sector in order to establish connections and share research and practice experiences. Every event has a mentoring-related theme and highlights special keynote speakers and activities.

Seeking the balance between quantity and quality to provide mentoring initiatives that meet the evolving needs of a diverse Europe.

European Mentoring Summit 2022 (Previous edition)

"Linking formal and informal mentoring in a holistic approach"

Mentoring can build solid bridges between schools, social partners, businesses and families and it helps to create inclusive eco-systems. By connecting the world of formal and informal mentoring and learning we can work together and learn from each other for the benefit of mentees.

This year’s theme: ‘Linking formal and informal mentoring in a holistic approach’ took the field of mentoring to a new dimension. Participants had the chance to listen to 40+ selected presenters, who challenged our understanding of how and under which conditions mentoring works. Europe’s next mentoring event was an opportunity to be part of something bigger! The summit brought together 250+ people from Europe and beyond: mentoring experts, professionals, researchers, government & civic leaders, mentors, mentees, corporate partners, students, and mentoring lovers on how to link formal & informal mentoring in a holistic approach.