Our European Members

Mentoring Europe maintains a membership model for mentoring organisations. Being a member offers the possibility to become part of a community and become part of the mentoring movement. Members are connected by shared values concerning mentoring. Members experience the benefits of mentoring and generate valuable knowledge based on this experience. It opens doors to knowledge, innovation and connections.

Membership Benefits

• Access to the network of mentoring practitioners and researchers
• Study visits and internship opportunities for practitioners, researchers and students at the headquarters of the Center
• Access to the newsletter of the Center and space for information, call for action and events 
• Mention of your organization

• Access to a closed online platform for members
• Unlimited support and consultation in how to set up, develop and expand a mentoring programme
• Support in partners search and match with other mentoring professionals for collaboration and knowledge exchange
• Tailor-made services based on individual learning goals of practitioners and researchers
• Access to webinars

• Priority access to European consortium and funding search
• Priority access to events of the center
• Regular notifications about EU funds and events
• Exposure and connections on an EU level
• Access to European research, monitoring and quality management system

• Access to evidence-based mentoring tools, best practices and research publications 
• Matchmaking for the benefit of peer reviews
• Free right to use the logo and to communicate about the membership locally, regionally, nationally and beyond.
• Members receive a certificate for their membership. This certificate is signed by the president of the board of ECEBM and is valid for a year.

What does the membership require of you?

  • Make a profile of your organization for the website of the Center and for showcasing within the community
  • Access to your events for the European network
  • Share your evidence-based practice, stories, best practices and tools
  • Access to data and willingness to participate in research action
  •  Receive a membership certificate

Become a member of this mentoring community

Membership costs € 295 per year per organization.