Mentoring touches eternity, you never know when the impact ends.

– B. Bijvoets, Founder – 

Developing quality assessment and standards for higher mentoring impacts

Collecting evidence in mentoring to connect research and practice in mentoring

Showing our common belief of mentoring and its impact on social and economical development

Our two-yearly mentoring summit was a great success – Thank you all! 

Mentoring as an integral component of European development

Mentoring has been a part of the development of European civil society for more than 20 years. In the past decade, more and more mentoring programmes have emerged. Why? As practice and evidence shows, mentoring is a unique instrument that can be applied to a variety of European, national and regional challenges and priorities. It works – under the right conditions – for different topics, target groups, goals and organisations. Mentoring empowers people and focuses on the individual goals of participants. By applying mentoring, we connect people, generations, different social backgrounds and ethnic groups, contributing to the integration of migrants, a better educational level of the youth and an inclusive, entrepreneurial, and innovative society.

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