Recap of the Meet & Match event (Part of the Advocacy day), November 15th, Brussels

On the 15th of November, we celebrated Advocacy Day. This day was focused on advocating for mentoring in the European continent. The day was divided into two main sections. The first section was hosted by Mentoring Europe and held at Nether-ER (the Netherlands House of Education and Research). The goal of this event was to inform and advocate for mentoring to all those participating.

This event hosted four key speakers who elaborated on different topics relevant to the European mentoring field:

Aiste Vaitkeviciute – European Year of Skills:
Aiste Vaitkeviciute kicked off the day by shedding light on the European Year of Skills. With insightful commentary, she showcased the profound impacts of this initiative on both a continental and regional level. Aiste further explored the role of skills in navigating the changing economy, digital advancements, and the imperative green transitions.
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Michael Teutsch – Pathways to School Success:
Michael Teutsch, head of the unit at the European Commission, offered a comprehensive overview of the pathways to school success and their intrinsic relationship with mentoring. He highlighted how various mentoring initiatives directly align with current European policies, emphasizing the integral role of mentorship in fostering academic achievement.

Andrei Frank – Lifelong Learning Platform:
Andrei Frank introduced the audience to the Lifelong Learning Platform, a collective of 44 NGOs dedicated to education and various forms of learning. Delving into the platform’s mission to widen access to quality education for all citizens, Andrei underscored the importance of continuous learning in today’s dynamic world.
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Julie Bodson – Advocacy Impact:
Julie Bodson of Duo for a Job shared her insights on the crucial role of advocacy. She emphasized how even small organizations can wield significant influence, both in advancing mentoring initiatives and in supporting the diverse groups that these organizations aim to assist. Her presentation highlighted the tangible impact advocacy efforts can have on the broader community.
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Event Takeaways:

The Advocacy Day was a deep dive into the mentoring world, allowing professionals to pose questions that might have otherwise gone unanswered. Attendees gained valuable insights into upcoming policy priorities that will shape the future of mentoring in Europe.

Advocacy Day was a resounding success, providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among mentoring professionals. As we reflect on the insightful presentations, let’s continue advocating mentoring as a powerful tool for personal and professional growth, building a brighter future for individuals and communities alike.

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