Photo in front of the parliament

Advocating for Mentoring in the European Parliament

On the 15th of November, Mentoring Europe and Coordinadora de Mentoria Social came together with mentoring professionals, politicians, and policymakers in a collective effort to create visibility and advocate for mentoring.

This event in the European Parliament showcases how far mentoring as a field has come. The milestone once again highlights the importance of international collaboration with regard to mentoring. The event opened with the input of a diverse group of mentees, students and mentoring practitioners. A wide array of speakers followed these moving testimonies.

A particular point of interest was the presentation of the strategy roadmap, which has been created by the efforts of the Mentoring Europe advocacy committee, and it aims to provide the concrete steps needed to elevate the mentoring field into a standard European education method.
We especially thank Marcos Ros Sempere for giving the mentoring community this unique opportunity to enhance their voice.

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