PRESENTING: Mentoring Europe

Why are we changing our name?

After 5 years of highlighting the field of mentoring in Europe, building a mentoring community and facilitating the sharing of evidence and practices, we are taking the next step for mentoring in Europe. We are consolidating all of our activities and renaming ourselves as Mentoring Europe.

The new name was born out of necessity. In the past years, we have come to realize that our responsibilities to the European mentoring community are much more than what European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring as a name represents. Our conversations with many of you made us realize we are not only looking for evidence in mentoring. We are building a community of European mentoring practitioners and researchers, advocate for mentoring by giving it a voice in European policy-making, share knowledge, experience and facilitate quality thinking and practices for mentoring. To describe everything that we are doing for the mentoring field in Europe, we are now going to be called Mentoring Europe. We are bringing in a new logo, colours and branding style to signify this step forward.

What does this mean for the European mentoring community?

The name of European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring has not lost its function. It now serves as the research division of Mentoring Europe which is now the umbrella organization. This center is now responsible for reaching out to mentoring researchers, collecting the latest findings in mentoring research and bringing these findings to our mentoring community.

We will be transitioning to the new name, logo and branding over the next months. Expect to see some changes in our social media accounts and website. The complete rebranding is scheduled for fall of 2021.

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