Mix & Match Open door event

Last week, Mentoring Europe hosted an engaging Open Door event called “Mix & Match” to promote mentorship and provide networking opportunities. We transformed our office into an inviting space with informative tables and interactive workshops, all aimed at showcasing the impact of mentoring in our company.

Our goal was to advocate for mentorship and facilitate meaningful networking opportunities, and we were thrilled to see a diverse crowd of passionate individuals attend the event.
One unique aspect of this event was our team’s international representation. We did this by bringing snacks and food that represented our nationality to state with the attendees.

At Mentoring Europe, we believe in mentorship’s transformative power, and “Mix & Match” was a vibrant testament to the strength of diverse connections and the potential of mentorship.

We extend our gratitude to MentorProgramma Friesland for their incredible support in this event.

Thank you to all attendees!

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