Insights from the 14th US Mentoring Summit

"Mentoring is a global movement, intentional and connective. We learn, and we lead."
"Mentoring is a multiplier with purpose. It is an opportunity, not an option."
Jermain Myrie
CEO of the National Mentoring Partnership

Here are some thoughts from the speech of Jermain Myrie, CEO of the National Mentoring Partnership, at the opening of the 14th US Mentoring Summit in Washington. We were there to learn and share mentoring expertise with Bulgarian, Irish, Spanish, French and Dutch colleagues. Mentoring Europe presented a workshop to share our European practices around the topic of ‘Youth in the lead’ – or as it is called in the US, youth’s voice. The workshop presenters were Szilvia Simon (Mentoring Europe), Kamilla Gorczynska and student Joost Bijma (MentorProgramma Friesland and VET school Firda, NL), Celia Keenaghan (Atlantic TechnologicalUniversity and University of Galway, IE) and Lena Karnalova (Big Brothers Big Sisters Bulgaria).
There were also other European sessions to share best practices and research results presented by Collectif Mentorat and Coordinadora Mentoria Social on quality thinking in mentoring.

During the US summit, we learned much about different mentoring models and the context of building mentoring communities and organisations. We also learned to advocate in the US Congress by job shadowing our US colleagues and letting our voices be heard together.
The new edition of the Elements of Effective Practice will be published in the coming period, bringing standards for high-quality mentoring.
The summit’s workshops and plenaries brought a wide variety of topics, such as how to build relationship-centred workplaces, the voice of youth in match ending, and creating a mentoring city. These are fascinating new examples and approaches!
As a plenary speaker, Saul Paul said, “Be a change in your own world, develop an attitude of gratitude, and dedicate your life to serve.”


By Szilvia Simon

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