A mentoring event in the Netherlands: Masterclass “Becoming a better mentor”

Are you a mentor in a natural, formal or informal way? In a company, at school or in a community? Are you interested in developing your skills and strategies as a mentor? Do you want to learn tools for your mentoring relationship and mentoring activities?
Join the masterclass ‘Becoming a better mentor’, with Desiree Robertson, expert trainer of the US National Mentoring Partnership.

Date: 16 April 2024
Time: 14:00 – 17:00
Location: De Kanselarij, Turfmarkt 11, Leeuwarden

Language of the masterclass is English. The masterclass is free of charge and it is offered to you by MentorProgramma Friesland, Mentoring Europe, Verschilmakers and project Mind the Future.

About this masterclass

The US mentoring field recently released a tool that brings together all the knowledge and inspiration for people who consider themselves mentors to another person. It is a tool for developing a MENTORING MIND-SET, entitled ‘Becoming a better mentor; strategies to be there for young people’. During the master class, we will delve into the themes the tool offers, such as: building self-confidence, developing empathy, setting goals and expectations, and growing a mentoring relationship with the feeling: ‘we are in this together’.
The publication and masterclass focus on the growing number of people in society who naturally, informally or formally engage in the development and success of another from the role of mentor.

About Desiree Robertson

Desiree Robertson is the director of Training and Product Design for MENTOR in the United States and is responsible for driving and executing MENTOR’s vision for quality training development and product design. Prior to MENTOR, Desiree gained extensive experience in mentoring, programme management and development, curriculum development, training, and professional development by directing the local mentoring Affiliate in Tennessee. Desiree holds a graduate degree in Sociology from the University of Memphis and is a practicing Sociologist and Herbalist and a national trainer in mentoring and holistic trends.

About ‘Becoming a better mentor’ publication

Created for the everyday mentor, Becoming a Better Mentor: Strategies to Be There for Young People is a free and accessible resource benefitting any adult who is looking for actionable ways to support a young person. Full of real-world advice that is relevant to our world today, it provides mentors with tangible strategies to “be there” for young people – from understanding effective online communication to practicing cultural humility and providing emotional support and empathy.

This event is co-sponsored by MentorProgramma Friesland, Mentoring Europe, Verschilmakers, Mind the Future project, Firda, NHL Stenden and VHL universities of applied sciences.

Visit the event page for more information and registration.

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