Towards effective social mentoring practices for migrant newcomers

A research-informed and practitioner-approved good practice guide
by: Michelle Crijns & Peter De Cuyper.

this document written by  Michelle Crijns and Peter De Cuyper, offers practical guidance for organizations and local governments interested in establishing mentoring programmes, specifically focusing on partnering volunteer mentors with migrant newcomers. While its main focus is on social mentoring for migrants, it can also serve as a useful resource for mentoring programmes targeting different groups. The need for such programmes has become more apparent since the European refugee crisis, as social participation is recognized as crucial for successful migrant integration alongside labor market integration efforts.

Despite the production of social mentoring programmemes, there remains a lack of comprehensive understanding of their effectiveness. The publication stresses the importance of systematically building knowledge and expertise in this area.

Key outputs from the project include an AI-based matching tool for efficient mentor-mentee pairing, a welcome app providing essential local information, and a comprehensive guide featuring scientific insights, case studies, and practical experiences. The guide is structured around the mentoring process, examining effective practices, and offering recommendations for implementation.

Recognizing the diverse contexts in which social mentoring programs operate, the publication refrains from prescribing a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it provides adaptable suggestions and manner to suit different local contexts and program objectives. It emphasizes the repetitious nature of learning in this field and serves as resource for ongoing culture and improvement of social mentoring practices for migrant newcomers.

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Published by
Authors: Michelle Crijns & Peter De Cuyper         
Number of pages: 68

Depot number: D/2022/4718/011     
ISBN-number: 9789055507610               

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