Journey towards the 2020 Mentoring Summit: Press Release

30th of September 2020

The European Mentoring Summit (EMS2020), a biannual get-together for mentoring networks,
programmes, and organizations will be celebrated from the 5th to the 9th of October. For the first time,
this international event will be held online with an innovative format led by the Spanish mentoring
network, Coordinadora de Mentoria Social, and the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring.

With world-renowned speakers such as Prof. Patrick Dolan, Director of the UNESCO Child and Family
Research Centre, Pippo Costella, Director of Defence For Children International Italia, or the Director
of the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring at UMass Boston, Prof. Jean Rhodes, the EMS2020
brings together professionals, practitioners, researchers, mentors, government, corporate partners
and civic leaders representing the mentoring movement in Europe and across the globe.
The 2020 edition comes at a key moment where the sector is fighting to keep its services working
in times of Covid19. The position of all these mentoring programmes, which work with groups of people
at-risk, may weaken if the financial resources tend to diminish due to the economic crisis that is
already shaking some European economies. Since the lockdown, many organizations are truly struggling
due to economic constraints, and their mentoring professionals are already feeling the effects.
In this context, the international mentoring community has been connecting and adapting more
than ever before by sharing knowledge through online meetings and training sessions. Aware of the
difficulties that vulnerable communities are living during the pandemic, an international network is
born that aims to position mentoring as an effective tool for social inclusion and personal
development, both in Europe and across the globe.

Mentoring is a tool that promotes the construction of relationships between mentors, who
voluntarily provide support, and mentees, who are people at-risk. To date, according to an ongoing survey conducted by the European Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring and AFEV France, more than 200 organizations across Europe support more than 250.000 people who belong to collectives such as at-risk youth, migrants and refugees, or women in vulnerable situations.

Under the slogan Common Challenges, Collective Solutions: Mentoring for a Sustainable and Inclusive
Future, the EMS2020 aims to bring together all these organizations coming from different parts of
Europe and the globe to put together all the knowledge and resources available and build a stronger
civil society that can support those people in need of emotional, professional, and social support.

For information and questions, please contact: Carina Garcia Mesegué | +34 630 98 73 21

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