How does Mentoring Europe connect to the Sustainable development goals (SDGs)?   

Mentoring organizations is crucial in supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We provide guidance, support, and empowerment to individuals, businesses, and communities, especially those in minority groups or vulnerable to social economic disadvantages.

3. Good health and well being

Mentoring provides mentees with emotional support through guidance and encouragement. This is particularly important in Europe with mental health issues on the rise such as depression, anxiety, and stress-related issues. Vulnerable populations or minorities like migrants, refugees, or individuals with disabilities also receive support with the help of mentoring by providing practical assistance, and guidance.

4. Quality education

Mentees can develop a different perception of learning and find a new passion for education that goes beyond the classroom, with the help of mentoring Using real-life experiences, mentees have the opportunity to learn and apply real-world knowledge outside of the theoretical education people receive through textbooks. To summaries, people who have limited educational resources can gain skills and knowledge through mentoring Europe to increase their possibility of success. 

5. Gender equality

The empowerment of women is a priority of mentoring Europe. We do this by providing them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to succeed in their careers. These programmes can also help cancel gender stereotypes and instill a culture of inclusion by providing positive role models and challenging previous perceptions about women’s abilities and interests. Through mentoring Europe there will be more women in leadership positions.  

10. Reduced inequalities

Mentoring plays an important role in the SDG of reduced inequalities by providing people that come from minority communities, and individuals who are at a disadvantage due to their economic status, ethnicity, gender, and other factors. For example, Young people from low-income families can develop their career aspirations and access higher education or better job opportunities through mentoring.

11. Sustainable Cities & communities

Community-led initiatives that promote urban development are one of the things that mentoring does that can be connected to this SDG. Emerging leaders that have experience being a mentee can create a funnel for experts who can help cities become more resilient and sustainable. Mentoring helps create a shared vision for the community. This is done by helping mentees establish connections with other people or businesses that prioritise sustainability, to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals.

by Diego Segnini

International Business Student, NHL Stenden University


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