European Mentoring Field comes together at the European Parliament in Brussels

The first-ever mentoring event in the European Parliament is now a fact. It was a momentous occasion as European decision-makers and the European mentoring field came together to take the first steps in giving mentoring the official recognition that it deserves.

The event Mentoring in Europe: building a society of engagement to reduce social inequalities connected the European mentoring field and members of the European Parliament, Commission, and Council. Hosted by Member of European Parliament Ilana Cicurel, speakers of the event were European commissioner Mariya Gabriel, Czech Deputy Minister Prof. Mgr. Jaroslav Miller, and Anne Rudisuhli. The event was also joined by several mentoring practitioners and researchers from the European mentoring field. 

“Mentoring is one of the few tools that allow to open up the horizon of possibilities. Mentoring is the missing link for policies to reach the original target – mentoring gives rapid and lasting effects – its clicks” – MEP Cicurel

“There is an emergency for mentoring as a right in European Society” – Anne Rudisushli

“Mentoring is the key element we need to support in order to obtain better results, long-lasting solution…let’s continue to join forces to transform this good example into something that will be replicable” – Gabriel

The event was opened by statements from mentors and mentees on how mentoring has transformed their lives and given them the guidance to realize their full potential. This set the tone for the rest of the day for discussions on mentoring and its impacts on European civic society. 

“For me, mentoring is like standing on the shoulder of a giant” – mentee

 “Mentor is for a time, but the impact is for life” – mentor

Mentoring Europe was represented by the Chair of Mentoring Europe, Oscar Couwenberg, and Szilvia Simon community manager.

“Mentee who has learned how valuable mentoring is, will take it with her throughout her life and will pass on that experience and skills to others. And with that the impact of mentoring not only endures but also empowers others to do the same, multiplying the social benefits” – Oscar

“We do not underestimate the fact that we still have to explain what mentoring is, time after time” – Szilvia

A big thanks to the Advocacy committee whose work has been instrumental in making this event a reality. Their work culminated in the publication of a Position Paper which has been filed in the European Parliament to raise awareness of mentoring among European stakeholders. The objective is to get mentoring the support for its development and its broader integration into European policies and society.

This event brings a powerful momentum to push forward the mentoring movement in Europe.

The recording of the event can be found here.  

The position paper is now available for reading.

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